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Ashley F.

Posted by wisdom on September 16, 2014
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I cannot say enough to reflect how much value I got from working with Yola. She took the time to understand what my personal needs and desires were in thinking about a new home (and a big purchase) and researched the market thoroughly on my behalf.

While many people dread the Sunday housing trips, I looked forward to them, as I knew it would be fun to spend time with Yola and I also knew that she would have picked only the places that would appeal to my tastes, priorities and budget.

Every place I looked at that she showed me reflected thoughtfulness on her part and was easily a strong prospect for me. The home I ended up with was perfect (as Yola knew it would be) and Yola held my hand through the entire purchase process, which can be very intimidating in this sellers’ market, so that I never experienced even the slightest “winner’s remorse.”

I look forward to going to my new home each day, and I attribute much of my new-found happiness to her hard work.

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